Best Beaches in Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece, well known for its beachy destinations all over the world. With soft, golden sands and crystal clear waters it’s an ideal place to spend the hot summer months. This island actually has a mix of pebble beaches and sandy beaches, so make sure you bring both sandals and … Read more

Best Beaches in Greece

Blue sky, white sand, and beautiful architecture – Greece is well known as beach lovers’ number one bucket list. Lined by crystalline waters of the Ionian and Aegean Sea, Greece provides calm waters, surfing spots, busy beaches to secluded coves. From the hundreds of beaches in Greece, here are some of the best we’d like … Read more

Best Beaches in Bali

High on top of the list of everyone’s must visit destination is Bali, an island located in the Southeast Asian country, Indonesia. An archipelago, Indonesia is packed full of insanely wonderful islands. Bali is the most visited by foreign tourists, thanks to its unique culture, friendly natives and versatile beaches. From the hedonist Seminyak to … Read more

Best Beaches in Italy

Italy is a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, with powerful marks on western culture and cuisine. Not only that, the 4723 miles of coastline also means it’s lined with beautiful beaches to choose from. If Italy is next on your list, here are the best beaches that you should visit. From well known … Read more

Best Beaches in Tunisia

Tunisia is the northermost country in Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and east. It’s situated on the Mediterranean coast, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Delta, so no wonder it’s also known for many beautiful beaches. If Tunisia is your next holiday destination, don’t forget to include these beaches … Read more

Best Beaches in Morocco

This North African country borders the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, which explains its endless supply of beautiful beaches. The wonderful mixture of Berber, Arabian and European culture is also a sight to behold. There’s souks, medinas, and kasbahs all around this country, and you won’t be short of any entertainment. Its beaches are also … Read more

Best Beaches in Mexico

Mexico, located in the southern portion of North America, is bordered to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea, and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico. So it’s no wonder this country is filled with many breathtaking beaches ideal for those who seek a relaxing getaway and those who want to … Read more

Best Beaches in El Salvador

El Salvador is a country in Central America, bordered by Hondural, Guatemala and the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador is filled with natural wonders such as active volcanoes, green hills and lots of national parks. You might have heard about beaches in Mexico, but El Salvador is another contender with many beautiful beaches of their own. … Read more